Monday, September 18, 2006

I would like to share my thoughts with people who are not totally satisfied with the existing explanation of the basics of the World Evolution, explanation of specific phenomena of materials and Human society by the predecessor scientists.

I started from taking notes about the Live and the processes within the Life. It seams that question - what is a Life - puts you into the “corner”. That was to me also until once I found an answer and could scream Eureka to the rest of the World.

Please don’t be so suspicions about the mental situation of mines. Everything is very simple and it has nothing to do with revolution in the science. I just try to apply the knowledge which is already gained by humans and make it also clearly understandable to the rest of the world.

The main point of the theory lays down in the terminology and perception of it by different individuals. Every human being might have the situation then he percepts one or another term used to describe some specific aspects of a particular thing or process in this world in a slightly different way than others. In most cases this situation takes us to the situation of miscommunication on the long terms. So it is very important to clarify each step in order to understand each term in the same way. This will give us a strong logical path towards understanding of certain things and especially certain phenomena.

Some phenomena like inflation, value, money, etc. requires scientific prove based on other sciences than financial accounting. The same simple question - what is the inflation – lead me towards search for scientific prove to explain it. What I find out that there is nothing else but logic. Inflation like some other social terms can be explained by other terms. So these terms shall be well known to the society. This lead me to go deeper into the analysis in searching stable terms were I can start explanation.

That’s how I got to the point were theory of the Equilibrium appear. I use the term Equilibrium instead of Balance. The Balance term came from financial use of it and it represents static situation. The Equilibrium term carries inside more dynamics and it is more suitable to describe the essence of a model of the development of the World. I think and I hope to support philosophers who think that first was the Matter and only after the Idea.

It will be difficult and complicated way to explain. Because in order to prove the Equilibrium theory we will have to change explanation of some terms used in physical sciences. For example – electricity.

Almost every educated human being on the Earth knows that electricity is a flow of electrons within the metal or other type of conductive material. And I found out that this is not a true if to follow the logic of the Equilibrium theory. I am not skillful enough to give prove in practice due to too small size of the atom. So the only tool I have is the logic.

If there is some one who would like to know more, please contact and we can discuss more on these issues.

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